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A common diabetes drug may improve your gut health

In the past, we’ve discussed how some drugs — heartburn meds and antibiotics — harm the delicate balance of gut bacteria, making your body more vulnerable to serious health problems. However, at least one very common drug used by type 2 diabetes patients to control their blood sugar — metformin (Fortamet and Glumetza are brand

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Protect your health from E. coli

You can’t help but hear about recent problems with foodborne illnesses and wonder when — not if — one bad meal will make you or your family sick… or worse. Even more distressing are daily news reports that more big box retailers, restaurants and food companies are reporting problems with making, handling and distributing our

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Feeling full? That’s your gut bacteria talking!

It’s the holidays, and you’ve already made two passes through the huge spread of delicious foods your family has made for your special feast with friends and family in the dining room. While you’re stuffing your face with stuffing, you’re kept a close eye on the dessert table, especially anyone going near your Mom’s once-a-year

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Your gut health balance affects chemo treatments

Your ability to maintain a diverse, thriving gut microbiome by eating the right foods, using antibiotics only when you must and taking a multi-species probiotic ensures it is capable of protecting your overall health even when the worst case scenarios happen. Like cancer. A growing number of studies are showing how gut health is an

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Ready for your flu shot?

As the fall colors come and the temperatures get cooler, you realize it’s time to start thinking about getting that annual flu shot. All the reminders — signs galore along with being asked many times at your neighborhood grocery store, local pharmacy and even your workplace — are already in place. But you just say,

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Could one molecule affect your immune health?

Since the development and wide use of penicillin during World War II, and a long time afterward, antibiotics were considered the Holy Grail of modern medicine. That was true until our bodies became exposed too often to antibiotics and anti-microbial substances in the foods and soaps we use, cancelling out any benefits, crippling our immune

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