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Household Cleaners Could Harm Your Child’s Gut

Keeping your home a bit “too clean” by using common multi-surface disinfectants could be changing and harming your child’s gut bacteria by making them more susceptible to obesity. That’s the chief finding from data culled from an examination of fecal samples collected from 757 Canadian babies, along with their exposure to various cleaning products, according

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How Artificial Sweeteners May Hurt Your Gut Health

Artificial sweeteners have found their way into a wide variety of foods that people — mostly processed food product like diet sodas, but even in ones they prepare at home — in their efforts to lose weight over the years. There are always tradeoffs when you make drastic changes in your diet, however, and some

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Taking a Probiotic May Protect Your Bones From Osteoporosis

Many people assume bone health is a condition only older adults need to worry about. That’s not a surprise, considering how harmful falls can be to seniors. However, you may be shocked to learn that people reach their peak bone mass by age 30, and your body begins to lose more bone than it rebuilds

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The Gut-Brain Link to Depression and Obesity

It wasn’t long ago that conventional medicine debated the existence of the gut-brain axis, the connection that links your emotions, intestines and brain. The medical community couldn’t dispute it for long, however, given that about 90 percent of serotonin, a chemical that sends messages from one side of the brain to the other, is produced

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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Gas

Out of the many gut-related issues patients have discussed with me over the years, problems with excess air and gas resulting in bloating, a sensation of fullness in your abdomen, are the most common by a long shot. Just to make it really clear, EVERYONE produces gas — anywhere from 1-4 pints daily and passes

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Question What You Read Everywhere!

If you follow my blog and keep up with the news, you’ve heard about a pair of recent studies published in the medical journal, Cell, that found probiotics may have very limited value. Unfortunately, the mainstream media — seemingly everyone from CBS News to Forbes — jumped on the bandwagon to dispute the value of probiotics without looking at their

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