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Get a Probiotic Radition Shield for Your Gut

Cancer and its treatments take a toll on the human body.  One of the most common methods of cancer treatment, radiation, indiscriminently destroy both malignant and healthy cells potentially creating its own host of long-term health problems.  However, new studies with lab mice out of St. Louis, Missouri’s Washington University School of Medicine have found

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How To Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea

Dear EndoMune subscribers, It is summertime and that often means going on a vacation. This newsletter will give you some tips on how to avoid a common gastrointestinal illness while traveling. During the peak travel seasons, we are bombarded by the Internet and television with all kinds of travel offers. Some trips are just a

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More And More Research Affirms The Benefits Of Healthy Bacteria

They Shape Our Lives From Birth To Death Dear EndoMune subscribers, This month’s newsletter looks at some of the recent research on the positive effects healthy bacteria can have on the digestive system. When I went into medicine, we spent a long time studying how bacteria caused serious infectious diseases. We learned about the importance

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To Go or Not To Go… that is the problem

Dear EndoMune subscribers, Now that we are enjoying the beauty of the spring days, we really don’t want to be slowed down by any GI issues. The following real case report describes how EndoMune can make a positive difference in your health this season: Case Study: Constrained By Constipation Karen, a 34-year old corporate executive,

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Vaginal Yeast & Urinary Tract Infections

This month is directed to the female readers, but the men are also invited to read it. I am often asked about the benefits of probiotics in preventing recurrent vaginal and urinary tract infections.  It is well known that the lactobacillus organisms are the major bacteria populating the vaginal lining cells (mucosa) and it’s these

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Pain Medications and Gastrointestinal Injury

Every day we are bombarded with ads for medications to ease the pain of arthritis. The majority of these ads are for a common class of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. These are very commonly used drugs – more than 30 million Americans take these medications on a daily basis. NSAIDs include aspirin,

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