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Prebiotics May Protect Your Knees From Osteoarthritis

If your joints begin to stiffen and feel painful — especially when you wake up in the morning or as swelling becomes more common — your body could be telling you that osteoarthritis may be just around the corner. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common chronic conditions that harms the joints, often affecting the

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A Healthy Gut May Protect Your Liver

We’ve talked a lot about how the gut is so hard-wired to the body that it governs many aspects of your health behind the scenes, from the inner workings of your brain to getting a healthy night’s sleep. Your gut microbiome may also play an important role in spotting early warning signs of nonalcoholic fatty

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woman on a couch with her golden retriever

A Dog’s Gut Health May Look Like Yours

How many of you think of your pets as if they were members of your own family? You’d probably have a hard time finding anyone who doesn’t feel that way about their four-legged family members, especially dogs. Did you know a dog’s gut health has developed very similarly to ours, and good gut health may

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older woman speaking with doctor

Estrogen Therapy Affects Women’s Gut Health

There are many reasons why women take estrogen therapy as they approach menopause, from relieving related symptoms leading up to and following menopause to improving vaginal health and guarding against bone loss. Just like other drugs, taking synthetic estrogen has an effect on the microbial makeup, balance and activity in a woman’s gut too. Moreover,

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passengers on a plane

Did You Know Airplanes Have a Microbiome Too?

Right now, we’re in the midst of a blazing hot summer when many of us are traveling in airplanes to cooler vacation destinations for some well-deserved R&R. Along the way to that relaxing vacation hideaway, most of us have to put up with a lot of inconveniences — TSA security checks, overpriced foods in airport

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