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Breastfed Babies With Colic Need Probiotics Too

There’s little doubt, colic is one of the most frustrating and upsetting problems Moms face with their newborns. Although colic is a short-term problem that typically goes away by month 4 of an infant’s life, this knowledge provides little comfort to new Moms trying and failing to calm down their tearful babies after hours of

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How Dietary Fiber Protects Your Health

Eating a variety of foods rich in dietary fiber – whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fresh fruits – is one of the best things you can do to protect your health from disease. Unlike other components of food, dietary fiber isn’t broken down or absorbed. It passes through your body either as soluble fiber that

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Beat The Flu With Probiotics

If you and your family have stayed healthy throughout this latest flu season — one that many experts say may be one of the worst ever — consider yourselves lucky. The huge majority of this year’s flu cases in America originates from the H3N2 strain, one that hit Australia hard last year, sending countless patients

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Protect Your Gut From Fatty Holiday Foods

Many of us can’t wait for the end of the year, if for no other reason than to satisfy our year-round cravings for eggnog, prime rib, dressing, pecan pie and other fatty holiday foods. Eating those holiday foods in excess as many of us do during the season comes with an unhealthy price to pay

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space ship in outer space

When Traveling in Space, Don’t Forget Your Probiotics

The very last thing you’re probably thinking about when watching exciting science-fiction films like Interstellar or Gravity is the gut health of the astronauts flying through space. But that doesn’t mean Earth-bound scientists aren’t studying or thinking about it… a lot! Some of these studies could have some important real world implications and benefits, even

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toddler writing math problems on wall

Smarter Babies, Better Gut Health

For the longest time, we’ve discussed the connection between the brain and gut, better known as the gut-brain axis, and how it affects an array of human health variables from emotions to protecting your baby’s brain. That connection may also be responsible for higher levels of cognitive development in young babies, depending on the balance

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