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After suffering from IBS for nearly 10 years, I finally have my life back. EndoMune has truly changed my life. I am a believer! I am a fan! I highly recommend EndoMune to anyone with tummy issues.


I have been taking Endomune for about a month and I have noticed a big difference. I am definitely more regular and as a result have no stomach pains. I am passing a lot of gas before bowel movements.


I was surprised how well EndoMune responded to my ailments and I started to feel better in less than two weeks. Now I am able to eat foods that would otherwise bother me later, and I feel like a new person. Thanks EndoMune and thank you to my doctor who recommended it.


My many thanks go to you for your product. It took several days before I was truly confident that I could eat again, but after 5 days I was overjoyed to feel human again. Thanks again to you for making my cure possible.


Dr Hoberman, I am a 75-year-old female, and I want you to know that EndoMune has made a BIG difference in my life. THANK YOU! I know the development of your product took a lot of work and time. However, be proud of yourself and feel good about helping others!


I have been using EndoMune consistently for over 3 years, and in that time I have noticed a significant difference in my physical health. My digestive system runs unbelievably smoothly and I just feel good. Thanks to the inventor of EndoMune, you have improved my health and quality of my life.


I have suffered from IBS for the last 10 years. I have tried many different solutions and none of them have come to my aid, but recently I have had the opportunity to try a bottle of the EndoMune. Since I have been taking this probiotic I have had almost 100% relief from the IBS.


I cannot begin to tell you what a difference EndoMune Probiotic has made in my life! I had been in remission from Crohn’s but suffering from UC for the last 3-4 years. I was bleeding regularly and really felt horrible most of the time. I stopped bleeding 2 days after taking your product. I am now completely without symptoms. This is nothing short of a miracle for me!


I started EndoMune about 18 months ago, and it clearly changed my life for the better! Therefore, when I recently took a trip and found I had forgotten to pack EndoMune, I panicked. I called you to order some to be sent to me immediately (which you did). Well, I was able to fully enjoy my trip – thanks to you. Thank you again.


My doctor recommended Endomune, and my digestive issues have GREATLY improved.


About six months ago I started getting stomach pains and bad indigestion. My doctor added two EndoMune tablets a day to the Nexium I had been taking, and since then my condition has improved dramatically. It’s just amazing – I almost never have stomach discomfort, and my digestive tract functions better than it has in many years. I want you to know how grateful I am for your excellent product.


Dr. Hoberman, thank you for developing EndoMune! I’ve been taking it for about 4 years and it certainly has made a difference in my life. I’m regular, whether home or away. Just wanted to thank you and attest to the good change EndoMune has made in my life.


Dr. Hoberman, I have to tell you how appreciative I am of EndoMune. It certainly has improved my life! Thank you for your time and effort creating this probiotic.


I am re-ordering this product because it has done for me what nothing else has accomplished. In addition to IBS, I have gut problems and have required treatment utilizing medications. I got more relief from all the symptoms of IBS from this product than anything else I have tried. I am sure glad I found your product, and very happy I had an opportunity to speak with you directly.


Thank you very much; EndoMune has really made a big difference in my life. My stomach feels so much better and now I am regular. Tomorrow I will call and order my second bottle. I thank you again and may God bless you. Keep up the good work.


I’ve taken EndoMune consistently every day since last year. I’m glad I was taking it when I went on my trip to Cancun. I experienced some intestinal distress while I was there, but it only lasted a very short time. I believe that EndoMune played a role in allowing me to overcome and cope with the digestive issues.


I’ve experienced IBS symptoms for 15 years or so. I started taking Endomune within the last year and I’ve experienced absolutely no symptoms while taking Endomune…until I let myself run out. I’m ordering more today!


EndoMune has made a huge positive difference in my life. I no longer go through the ups and downs of IBS. EndoMune has stabilized my system so that I’m regular and consistent. Thank you, thank you!


My 97 year old mother has suffered with constipation for years. Since starting EndoMune, her constipation has improved to the point that she no longer needs any laxatives or stool softeners. EndoMune has had a major impact on her quality of life.

Bill B

I have used EndoMune for several years now and it has changed my life.


It’s been 4 years this month since EndoMune came into my life and made it worth living. I was sick to my stomach for decades, then like a miracle just before my 42nd birthday my doctor introduced me to EndoMune and my life was completely turned around. I am forever indebted to you!


All of my stomach problems started when I was only 18 and I have had to bare with it for 8 years. Fortunately, I was introduced to EndoMune by my lovely Aunt and I have been taking it for 9 months now. Not only can I honestly say that I feel better, but those close to me have seen a dramatic change in how I feel and what foods I’m able to eat.


I have been taking EndoMune for a long time now and it has made a big difference in my life. I could not control my IBS. I feel so good now after all these years. If I had known about this product when I was young my life would have been so different. However, I thank God that I know now.


I recently traveled to Peru where I became extremely ill, for 3 days. I recently heard about EndoMune just before traveling to Mexico. I took EndoMune about a week prior to my trip and continued taking it while we were in Mexico. I was not sick, even for a minute and I tribute this improvement to EndoMune. Thank you!


Back in February and March I had a sinus infection and ear infection. I took antibotics for 2 weeks and I tried all acidophilus and other probiotic products. Without much success, I went to the internet and ran across EndoMune. I ordered a bottle. In a couple days I was so much better that I ordered more. I will continue to take it.


I am a 42-year-old female with IBS, since I was about 20. My physician gave me EndoMune as a last ditch effort because we had exhausted all other possibilities. After only 7 days, my symptoms had disappeared! You have given me my life back and I will sing the praises of EndoMune forever! Many Thanks.


This product has been a life-saver. After being hospitalized with a blocked intestine I needed help. I’ve taken EndoMune for almost a year now and helped it has. This is a very effective product and I’ve had no GI problems since.


I am so happy I read about EndoMune online. I have tried it for a week and feel great! I have not had any stomach cramps or bloating, which I would have every day. Thank you so much… this really works!


My husband and I have been using your product, EndoMune, for about one year. I am lactose intolerant and have suffered for years. It is an amazing product that has been such an easy solution to both of our digestive/bowel problems.


I have struggled with symptoms of IBS since college (which was many years ago). After hearing about EndoMune about three months ago, I began taking two capsules each morning, and within a week I noticed a big change; like night and day. I attribute EndoMune with this only because it is the only change in my supplement intake during this period of time. For me, it is the answer. Thanks so much!


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