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Synbiotic Blend of 10 Beneficial Strains, Developed by Board-Certified Gastroenterologist


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Each EndoMune capsule contains health-promoting freeze-dried bacteria. The bacteria are reactivated upon ingestion. Once inside the intestines, these bacteria defend against any harmful bacteria present in the GI tract.

Probiotics are comprised of naturally occurring bacteria that help keep harmful bacteria from inhabiting the intestines. While safe for most individuals, anyone suffering from an immune deficiency disease such as HIV/AIDS should consult a physician prior to taking any probiotic supplement.

The difference lies in the potency of each EndoMune capsule. For example, Each Endomune capsule contains billions of health-promoting bacteria, while yogurts contain lesser numbers that don’t survive stomach acid. Probiotic supplements are composed of highly concentrated bacteria that can withstand the acids in the stomach. EndoMune is a delayed-release capsule, which protects the beneficial bacteria from gastric acid as they travel to the intestine.

While everyone is different, most individuals notice an improvement in intestinal digestion within 7-10 days, some as soon as 3-5 days. Individuals taking EndoMune Metabolic Rescue can experience improved fasting blood sugar levels within 30 days.

While enhanced digestion may occur within a week, those results may disappear just as quickly. Lifestyle issues such as alcohol consumption, unhealthy dietary habits, and stress can contribute to the imbalance of the intestinal flora. For best results, EndoMune should be taken as a daily supplement.

Probiotics help defend your intestinal barrier against harmful bacteria. The bacteria in EndoMune capsules stimulate your intestinal immune system, and then adhere to the lining cells which improves the intestinal defenses against bad bacteria ingested in food and water traveling in foreign countries.

Although no studies have proved a link between probiotics and cancer reduction, probiotics can help maintain a healthy colon. Some studies suggest the bacteria within probiotics may help eliminate carcinogens. The important point to keep in mind is that probiotics, in general, can be a key to good health and thus a positive for the body overall.

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