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Can Probiotics Help Fibromyalgia?

Probiotics and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by a wide range of symptoms including chronic fatigue, widespread pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS and IBD), anxiety, and many others. Although fibromyalgia affects almost 4 million Americans, most of which are women, fibromyalgia is often dismissed or misdiagnosed by patients’ physicians. Consequently, patients suffering from fibromyalgia often suffer for years, bouncing from doctor to doctor, searching for relief from this serious condition.

Although gut health seems unrelated to fibromyalgia at first glance, we’ve known about the connection between your gut microbiome and your brain for years – better known as the gut-brain axis. The gut-brain axis connection is the interaction between the gut and the central nervous system, influencing many symptoms including stress, anxiety, and other symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS.) Evidence also suggests that the gut-brain axis connection influences the pain aspects of fibromyalgia too.

Probiotics are Critical for Healthy Guts

Although the exact trigger(s) that induce fibromyalgia remain murky, the science is clear on one point: it’s impossible to have a healthy gut without probiotic bacteria. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that live in healthy guts, and comprise the largest part of healthy gut microbiomes. We all have unique gut microbiomes including both good bacteria (probiotics,) and bad bacteria. When the bad bacteria outnumber the good probiotic bacteria, you are more susceptible to illness, because the foundation of your immune system starts in your gut. Your microbiome becomes imbalanced for many reasons including genetics, stress, age, a diet heavy with processed food, alcohol, or antibiotics.

Although everyone has some degree of gut imbalance, studies indicate that in the microbiomes of fibromyalgia patients, the levels of bad, harmful, bacteria are much higher than people who don’t have fibromyalgia. Here’s where probiotics can help. Probiotic supplements contain strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria, and these good bacteria restore the natural balance of your gut.

In fact, fibromyalgia patients with more pain symptoms had higher levels of bad bacteria in their guts, and the worse the patient’s imbalance was, the higher the patient’s pain.

Furthermore, using a new technology known as machine learning, a very recent study diagnosed fibromyalgia in a group of patients without any physician interaction. In this study, the composition of the microbes in microbiomes of 156 women were analyzed using machine learning combined with DNA analysis. The results were startling. This combination of technologies diagnosed fibromyalgia with an amazing 88% accuracy. Importantly, the data obtained in this study suggests that balancing the gut microbiome using probiotics shows great promise as an effective therapeutic treatment option for fibromyalgia.

Additionally, a connection between Chronic Widespread Musculoskeletal Pain (CWP) – a frequent symptom of fibromyalgia – and unbalanced gut microbiomes was suggested by other researchers work. For example, an experiment that screened female volunteers, including 113 diagnosed with CWP, observed that all of the patients with CWP had reduced bacterial diversity in their microbiomes. This implies that restoring their gut health with probiotic supplements may lessen those patients’ pain associated with their CWP.

Clearly, there is a growing body of research suggesting that probiotic-rich diets or probiotic supplementation are promising treatments to lessen or reduce symptoms in individuals suffering from fibromyalgia and its myriad number of symptoms (including CWP) by restoring their natural gut balance with a probiotic supplement like EndoMune Advanced Formula.

If true, that’s a very simple, affordable path to defeating fibromyalgia.

These new insights reinforce the hypothesis that the gut microbiome has a significant connection to fibromyalgia, suggesting that some symptoms of fibromyalgia can be lessened with probiotic supplements like EndoMune Advanced Formula.


Although these observations are encouraging, more research is needed to fully understand the connection between our gut microbiomes and fibromyalgia. Nevertheless, an abundance of evidence suggests that the health of patients’ gut microbiota is directly correlated to many common symptoms of fibromyalgia. Fortunately, if these suggestions are proven true, treating fibromyalgia might be as easy as taking EndoMune Advanced Formula to restore your gut health.

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Before beginning a probiotic regimen, contact your physician to discuss any health concerns and if you are taking immunosuppressants or antifungals.

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