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What are EndoMune Probiotics?

EndoMune Advanced Probiotics for Your Whole Family

EndoMune Advanced probiotic bottle

Adult Probiotic

Naturally enhance your digestive health with our adult probiotic formula.

EndoMune Junior Chewable Bottle

Junior Probiotic

For a healthier gut, give your kids our doctor-developed, parent-approved probiotic.

EndoMune pill bottle

Infant Probiotic

Our proprietary probiotic supports healthy infant development.

EndoMune bottle

Metabolic Health

Support natural weight loss and boost metabolism with our prebiotic/probiotic blend.

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Photograph of Dr. Lawrence J Hoberman
Gastroenterologist Dr. Hoberman EndoMune Founder and Creator

Our Commitment to Gut Health

Why EndoMune

EndoMune probiotics were developed by a practicing board-certified gastroenterologist in conjunction with microbiologists, clinically tested on patients and proven to work. Also board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Hoberman brings knowledge of how digestive issues fit into the big picture of overall health and disease.
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When and How to Take EndoMune Advanced Probiotic

Probiotics are one of the few health supplements that provide actual benefits. They help maintain a robust immune system by increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut. In turn, a healthy immune system helps our bodies ward off disease, making probiotics beneficial for both the digestive system and overall health.
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Parent Tested, Parent Approved, EndoMune Jr.

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