Month: August 2012

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Bloating: Can We Talk About GAS?

Bloating (Intestinal gas) is a very common problem in the general population and is a frequent reason why people seek medical attention. Passage of intestinal gas is viewed differently depending your age and gender. Kids make lots of jokes and take pride in telling someone to “pull my finger.” Boys grow up to be men …

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Deficiencies in Regulating C. Diff

C. diff is a bacterial infection that spreads via fecal contamination and takes root once bad bacteria take over the intestinal bacteria balance.  This infection creates a number of increasingly serious symptoms like diarrhea, weakness, cramping, and vomiting.  It is a 100% preventable condition, but often times, a one-time C diff infection leads to long-term …

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Probiotic-Assisted Antibiotic Diarrhea Prevention

Probiotics have a proven effect on children with antibiotic-induced diarrhea and acute infectious diarrhea.  So it stands to reason that probiotics also help adults avoid these conditions.  Recently, a study was released that inconclusively implied that probiotics had a positive effect on regulating and preventing adult antibiotic diarrhea.  Results leaned toward the positive, but the …

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How To Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea

Dear EndoMune subscribers, It is summertime and that often means going on a vacation. This newsletter will give you some tips on how to avoid a common gastrointestinal illness while traveling. During the peak travel seasons, we are bombarded by the Internet and television with all kinds of travel offers. Some trips are just a …

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