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Moms: Stressing out may affect your new baby’s brain, gut health

A number of variables affect the health of newborn babies, from preeclampsia to caesarean (C-section) births, which have a direct connection to a mother’s gut health. The vaginal microbiota of an expectant mom experiencing stress may be affected during her first trimester. Some emotions could trigger changes in the way her baby’s gut health and

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Beat depressing thoughts with multi-species probiotics

Reflecting on life’s lessons about a difficult time in your life can be beneficial, and even instructive. Looking back, however, can become unhealthy if your mind gets stuck ruminating, and replaying the same situation over and over again, causing you to focus more on what you might’ve done rather than how to solve the issue

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Poor gut health may be responsible for the terrible toddler twos

Your toddler’s unique gut microbiome may contribute to those mood swings associated with the “terrible twos.” There may be more going on besides fussy behavior, according to researchers at Ohio State University’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science. Those mood swings may provide indicators for early stages of chronic diseases, like allergies, asthma, bowel disease

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Protect your teeth from thrush with probiotics

The great thing about probiotics is how versatile the beneficial bacterial can be at treat health conditions unrelated to your gut. Recent studies have shown how probiotics treat common tooth-related problems like gum disease and help tooth decay. Researchers in Sweden and Denmark have found success in treating thrush (oral candidiasis), a condition experienced by

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Could probiotics be the answer for allergies?

As physicians steer patients away from drugs that can do more harm than good, like antibiotics, probiotics have attracted much attention as a safer way to treat allergies. For example, giving patients a drink containing a proprietary strain of Lactobacillus casei was shown to boost the immune systems of patients, according to a 2013 PLOS

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Garlic works with your gut to protect your cardio health

Allium sativum, better known as garlic, is a versatile and flavorful member of the onion family. Not only has garlic been used to bring flavor to foods for thousands of years, this vegetable has a long history in natural medicine. The Greek physician, Hippocrates was known to prescribe it for fatigue, respiratory problems and poor

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