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Do you really need an oral fecal transplant for a C. diff infection?

There’s no denying fecal transplants — the transferring of gut flora from a healthy donor to sick patients — can be helpful in treating Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections that contribute to diseases from colitis to diarrhea. Transfers of healthy gut bacteria have been delivered via a variety of uncomfortable methods, ranging from tubes through

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Artificial sweeteners may harm your gut health

Earlier this year, we explained how poor gut health can be one underlying factor that contributes to the epidemic of obesity plaguing our country. So, you start on the right track by getting the right amount of exercise and sleep, cutting down on fatty foods, and switching from products containing real sugar to those made

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Is the Paleo diet good for your gut and losing weight?

Think about that bad morning when you got ready for work and nothing in your closet fit. You had been losing the battle of the bulge for so long that you were willing to consider extreme dieting fads just to fit into those old but favorite clothes. Perhaps, that desperation has led you to consider

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Take these 5 steps to prevent colon cancer

You may recall an earlier blog post discussing colon cancer, the second leading cause of death due to cancer and the third most commonly diagnosed cancer among men and women in the United States according to the CDC. Until recently, health experts assumed most cases of colon cancer were confined to patients over age 50.

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