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Are you taking a probiotic when you’re prescribed an antibiotic?

Antibiotics can be effective pharmaceutical weapons that treat a myriad of infections. As of late, however, antibiotics have received a lot of attention from medical experts for all the wrong reasons. A growing number of medical reports have concluded exposing your body to too many antibiotics may be more hazardous than helpful, triggering a greater

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Research promising for probiotics in boosting immunity to hay fever

Taking a probiotic is one of the best and healthiest ways to strengthen your immune system naturally and safely, especially during the cold winter months when the flu virus spreads. Boosting your immune system via probiotics may soon be a new method for treating common hay fever, according to a new study published by PLOS

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Traveling this holiday season? 6 ways to avoid traveler’s diarrhea

With the Christmas/New Year’s holidays nearly upon us, the “trendy” gifts aren’t big-screen TVs or tablets waiting under a tree to be opened. Material things are taking a back seat to something new: Large families taking long-distance trips to far away places across the ocean, according to travel experts. Traveling with a large contingent of

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Do you use a probiotic to protect your tooth health?

Medical science has established that good dental hygiene promotes overall health by stabilizing blood sugar and lowering risk for infections and heart disease. But did you know that new research shows probiotics may also be the go-to weapon to protect your teeth and body from a growing host of health challenges? A recent study, published

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EndoMune Interview: Dr. Josephine Ruiz-Healy

This week we’re kicking off an ongoing series of interviews with noted health care experts who consider good gut health essential in treating a wide variety of health issues. Our first interview with Dr. Josephine Ruiz-Healy discusses the various gut health benefits probiotics provide children. Dr. Ruiz-Healy is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at

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Probiotics are Effective Treatment for Pediatric IBS

That “gut feeling” linked to psychobiotics of the gut-brain axis

Probiotics do wonders to preserve, protect and enhance the balance of the gut-brain axis, the proven connection between your brain, emotions and intestines. A recent report is shedding light on the role of gut microbes play on those proverbial gut feelings and our overall state of mind. A review article, recently featured in the medical

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