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hands filled with cranberries

Get Into the Gut-Friendly Holiday Spirit: Eat More Cranberries

Apart from being a staple in foods for the holiday season (desserts, stuffing, sauces and drinks) and a first-line treatment for urinary tract infections, cranberries receive little notice in the wide world of whole foods, an undeserved sign of disrespect. Many health experts consider cranberries a superfood due to their low-calorie/high-fiber content and being fill

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How Harmful Can Unnecessary Antibiotics Be? This Much…

If you do a random search of my blog, one of the most popular topics you’ll find is antibiotics, and for a good reason too. Not so long ago, antibiotics were considered “the Holy Grail” of modern medicine. Unfortunately, that advantage lasted only until our bodies had absorbed way too much of a good thing.

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peanut butter with peanuts and bread

Probiotics: The New Treatment for Peanut Allergies

Allergies to peanuts have become such a big problem for adults and kids — from diarrhea and hives to shortness of breath and life-threatening anaphylaxis — many people avoid them altogether. Despite federal regulations that ensure packaged foods list the presence of the eight major food allergens, including peanuts, paying attention to the fine print

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woman taking a pill

How Do You Take a Probiotic?

So, you’ve finally realized there are many reasons why you need to take a probiotic, but that’s only the first step toward improving your gut health. How you take a probiotic — ideally with multiple species of beneficial bacteria — is even more important, as it helps you get the best value for your family’s

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Could Constipation Shut Down Your Kidneys?

As our understanding of the human gut grows, modern medicine has come to realize that constipation is a much more prevalent and serious health problem and far less benign that we ever realized. In fact, constipation may be a symptom of greater health problems, from hormonal issues to diabetes, colon cancer and multiple sclerosis. Add

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clock showing the words time for prevention

Multi-Species Probiotics: The Next Weapon to Fight Colon Cancer?

Your gut microbiota is an incredibly diverse environment populated by trillions of tiny organisms that perform all sorts of important functions behind the scenes in the human body. The average human gut is dominated by about 150-170 different species of bacteria, although as many as 1,000 unique species can be found. That’s a lot of

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