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Probiotics Reduce Big Gut Problems

Obesity is a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world and can lead to health-related problems. A doctoral thesis published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that probiotic consumption may reduce the risk of developing obesity.

Three groups of rats were used for the study. The first group of rats were given lactobacilli plantarum, a lactic bacteria commonly found in most probiotics. The second group of rats, or the control group, were not given any bacteria or supplements. The third group was given E. Coli along with high-energy food that was given to all three test groups.

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden found that the rats that consumed lactobacilli put on less weight than the control group rats. The rats given E. Coli gained body fat and caused a change in their gut flora.

But what does this study mean for humans? There are now a number of pilot studies  researching the benefits of probiotics in lessening weight gain in obese individuals.

As the holidays approach with all the parties and delicious bake goods, you may want to consider taking a high quality probiotic like EndoMune. It will help to  maintain the healthy intestinal bacteria and maybe even lessen adding extra inches around the waist.

Learn more about the study and its results here.

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