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Recover Faster from Stomach Flu with Probiotics

In addition to the regular flu and winter cold, the stomach flu, called a norovirus, is making the rounds. Noroviruses cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and other stomach ailments. After one person in the family gets a norovirus, it quickly spreads to the other family members. In addition to staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, physicians suggest you take a probiotic to speed up your recovery.

By taking a daily probiotic, you are replacing the healthy bacteria that the virus is flushing from your system so you can fight it and feel better faster. A recent review of more than 60 studies involving more than 8,000 children and adults showed that probiotics can lessen the severity of the symptoms and improve recovery time without any harmful side effects. Controlled trials also found that probiotics can shorten the time you suffer from diarrhea by one day and decrease your risk of dehydration.

Before you catch a stomach bug, try taking EndoMune Advanced as part of your daily regimen. You might recover faster if you get a norovirus and reduce your chances of becoming sicker due to a loss of fluids.

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