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Food Borne Illness Rears It’s Ugly Head

Just this past August, Middle America saw the second year in a two-year salmonella outbreak. This root of this most recent outbreak was contaminated cantaloupe, grown stateside.

In the past, most food borne illness epidemics found their origin in porous fruits grown south of the border in Central America. However in recent years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have discovered more and more epidemics originating with homegrown produce.

Legal and consumer actions teams grow angrier and more outspoken with each contamination outbreak. While CDC standards continue to work in favor of these interest groups and the consumers they represent, the typical individual would do well to take safe consumption matters into their own hands, as an added precaution.

One of the best ways to prepare to withstand food borne illness is to take a probiotic. Doing so has the potential to strengthen your immune and digestive systems to withstand the painful, and sometimes fatal, food poisoning symptoms of acute diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramping.

To learn more on this recent salmonella outbreak and for information on how to avoid eating contaminated food, please read the full article posted here.

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