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Give Your Good Bacteria A Fighting Chance

All bacteria are bad, right?

While this may be the most common assumption, it’s far from correct. Recent innovations in medical science have tested the impact of good bacteria against the disease causing powers of bad bacteria. The result? A wealth of evidence to support the claim that maintaining a lifetime of good health is all about balance – and that supports keeping a balanced number of bacteria strains in the body, as well as maintaining a balanced diet and night’s sleep.

Scientists theorize that much of the reason why modern man has developed rising percentages of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases connects to our rising use of antibiotics. Antibiotics eradicate bacteria, regardless of type. Any dose of antibiotics has been shown to lower the numbers of both good and bad bacteria, with each proceeding dosage causing all bacteria strain types to take longer and longer to rebound colony numbers. Eventually, the medication stamps out some strains altogether.

In an ideal world, only bad bacteria strains would be extinguished, but sometimes, beneficial strains get weeded out too.

While this by no means implies that antibiotics are bad – they are invaluable in combatting a number of different illnesses. It does, however, make the case for relying upon antibiotics only in cases where they prove ABSOLUTELY necessary. Additionally, it opens the door to alternative, more sustainable pro-health practices such as incorporating a non-dairy probiotic product like EndoMune into the daily dietary routine.

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