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Guard Yourself Against Heart Disease With Probiotics

Heart disease is caused by cholesterol-rich diets, right?

New research has shown that this common misconception may not be entirely true. Although science has not conclusively found the exact cause of heart disease, researchers have found connections between gut infections and heart disease. More so, scientific investigation into gut infections and heart disease has illuminated the consequences of a “leaky” gut.

A “leaky” gut, or a gut wall that becomes easily penetrable, is caused by several factors, including stress, over-eating or infections. Once the gut wall becomes “leaky,” it releases endotoxins into the blood stream that embed themselves inside tissue, eliciting damages.

Fermented foods and probiotics, like EndoMune Advanced, contain several strains of healthy bacteria that can heal a “leaky” gut wall, lower inflammation and decrease the risk of contracting heart disease.

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